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I’m a bit worried.

I’ve had HPPD for 2.5 years and most of my symptoms have decreased and some actually went away but my tracers have increased. I’ve not touched anything since getting this and only got it after taking mushrooms once.

really scared at how bad the trails will get as they are visible during the day. They go up and down but sometimes never fully back to baseline. 
I take NAC but apparently not at the right dosage so I’ve upped that and have recently just started a keto diet. 
I had two months where I didn’t really care for my symptoms but as of 3 week ago they have increased again. How bad can this get. I thought it would eventually stabilise.




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Hi Jim, I'm sorry things are difficult now.  Try and ride it out.  You said it yourself, a few weeks ago you were better.  That's evidence that you can get back to that point.  Try not to judge your symptoms just notice them and let them be.  I am confident that if you stay off drugs, you will continue to get better.  

Take Care,


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