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Asthma medications and Hppd anyone has found a way to take the inhalers?

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Hi all 

I've had HPPD for 20 years.

I have developed asthma in the past year. Respiratory doctors have tried about 6+ different inhalers. The last one I'm trying is Relvar.

My HPPD goes full blown with the corticoid-steroids and other inhalers, DP goes extreme and visuals and cant sleep, its very hard, I had to stop all work because of the side effects for around 10 months now. 

Due to side effects, I stopped all inhalers and then I cant breathe, it's like I have to choose between being in a bad HPPD-delirium or breathing ok.

I would like to know if anyone has found a way to deal with asthma and HPPD with meds.

Many thanks!

All best


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