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Ugh. I was on that antibiotic back in May and at first I was fine, then I kept forgetting to take them so I asked my PCP if I should go ahead and finish the course. She said yeah. Then I took one and I broke out into a rash and welts and my face was on FIRE. It was as red as a fire engine. The day before the rash, I had taken one and the inside of my body felt utterly INFLAMED and I was in so much pain from head to toe I didn’t know what was going on. Guess just a reaction but it was weird. And yes, it messed with my HPPD symptoms. There are several antibiotics that make my symptoms worse. Cipro is the worst antibiotic ever. It’s a dangerous drug and I think it should be banned. I’m also allergic to that and break out into a rash. I would say avoid anything in the fluoroquinolone family for sure. 

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