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Any experience with hydergine?

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I was prescribed hydergine (a.k.a. secatoxin/ergoloid/dihydroergotoxine mesylate) for an unrelated issue (after hand injury). This medication affects migraines (prescribed to help with them, but I think that the mechanism could also cause them), tinnitus and brain vessels. People reported changes in vision (better vision) and some people apparently wondered about trying it for HPPD treatment. In conclusion, I think that it could potentially have an influence on HPPD and I am afraid of negative changes (as it is usually the case with me and medications - gabapentin etc.). Do you think it would be safe to take it?

Context: I have HPPD since 2021, my baseline is stable (palinopsia, severe ghosting, otherwise it's "not that bad"), just have a flare up since Monday (first flare up this year) due to a stressful period in life

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