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Thoughts on Hppd


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Hi all, I am around 18 months into my journey with Hppd, my symptoms started towards the end of 2021 and so I have had a lot of time to reflect upon what Hppd is and if it fits for me and my experience so far.

I have noticed the term Hppd is such an abigious broad term, I feel that each person who has persisting effects after a Hullucinigen has both a differing history and or circumstance that led to the dysfunction they are experiencing, e.g different psychadellics have differing modes of actions, some are said to have neurotoxic effects and so for the people who ingested these types thier problem could be that of a neurotoxic issue perhaps, where as some psychadellics are said not to be neurotoxic, such as shrooms, interestingly some people can consume shrooms countless times and still be without issue while others can be left with negative symptoms of Hppd after just a first time microdose and giving it is not said to be neurotoxic I then question what reaction could leave a person with an ongoing chronic set of symptoms, to me in this circumstance it seems autoimmune in nature, this as autoimmune disease symptoms can share very simular symptomology to that of which is seen in Hppd Either way each person can have so many differing factors from one another that result in thier symptomology that it really makes me question the viability of chasing Hppd like it is a certain condition but really it is a condition of many causes and not one single identifiable factor that we seem to be on the hunt for.

just a ramble at best and I'm probably looking at it all wrong but it certainly feels like people talk consider Hppd like it's a one fits all approach.

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What exactly is slow motion vision? I wonder if I have it. Years ago I had a severe kidney infection with a fever of 105.1 (I was hospitalized.) When I first got the fever, when I turned my head it seemed like it took a second or two for my vision to catch up. The doctor said that it was most likely from the fever. But every once in awhile, these days, the same thing will happen. I turn my head and it takes a second for my vision to catch up. Is that what y’all mean by slo mo vision?

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