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Update on what it might be as I’m still unsure 2 months in

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So after all of this stuff started happening to me in may after I was taking doxycycline mono 100mg for my acne which then resulted in a panic attack. I’ve been thinking and flipping back and forth between whether or not this is HPPD or my anxiety. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, last month I spoke to an HPPD expert and here’s what he said 

“Thank you for your response. It´s difficult to give a diagnose without talking to each other in person. However, apparently you're suffering from different types of severe anxiety, associated with perceptual phenomena. HPPD in a more narrow sense of the word is usually strictly visual phenomenon, whereas perceptual problems associated with anxiety could also present DPDR, i.e., depersonalization / derealisation syndrome (with or without additional HPPD symptoms).“

and I’ll admit, I have used ChatGPT to gain a better understanding of my symptoms and each time it has said it’s unlikely that I do have it and all of this is tied to my anxiety disorder. I’m taking it with a grain of salt of course but it has told me this more than 15 times. Also I have not taken drugs since last year and ever since this started if you check my earlier posts then you’ll see the symptoms I had. Now I’ve never heard of someone getting new symptoms when not taking drugs anymore but with me i noticed that motion blur seems more pronounced to me. It’s not like I see tracers or afterimages (multiple hands when I wave my hand for example) but it’s just the motion blur is more noticeable to me. I could just be hyper focused on it. 

also thanks to Jay1 as he’s replied to my posts and I’ve seen him comment on other posts about hppd so yeah, thanks man, you’ve been very reassuring and helpful for all of this.


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