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Just wondering, has aneyone had and reduction with Naloxone ?

I was taking Targin , slow release Oxycodine that contains Naloxone.

and  found possibly sone benefit.

Just curious if anyone else may have herd of this or given it a try ? 


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I tried Naloxone around 8 months ago. I took .5mg for three days. While taking this medication i did not see a reduction in symptoms but i started to have tactile hallucinations correlated with the medication use. I had a hard time sleeping and woke up confused constantly about where i was, who i was etc. And during the day i felt very dissociated and weird.


Although i never got to the " ideal dosage" i decided to discontinue after i had intense bouts of nausea and vomiting ( throwing up every five minutes for 13 hours) 


Because i took this medication for such a short time i cannot speak to its effectiveness long term, but this was my experience with the medication.

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