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What drugs can I safely use with HPPD


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Other than benzos, alcohol and opioids what other drugs can people do with HPPD that won’t make their symptoms worse. 

Im someone who still wants to use drugs but is bored of alcohol and benzos and find it difficult to secure opioids.

By the way, weed is a no go - last time I did weed I tripped like I was on acid.

Maybe I could try other Benzos but my tolerance is quite high now so don’t feel em as much. I’m not dependant cos it’s always been once a week sometimes twice max but can’t really feel the difference between Xanax, clonazepam and diazepam anymore - all just feels same.

Haven’t tried Dihydrocodeine yet but guess that would be my next opioid option as I can now take about 400mg of codeine and only get slight euphoria. Tramadol doesn’t effect me and gives me scary CEVs.

Man I miss the pre hppd days when I could do coke, mdma, ket, shrooms etc. any hppd-safe alternate suggestions welcome. 

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