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Pallinopsia out of a sudden


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Hello,i experience weird things.I have HPPD from august 2022,some symptoms I think are getting better but in the last few i developed pallinopsia out of a sudden and today I have extreme headache and very bad pallinopsia.I don t know what to do,any advice will be appreciated.Not to mention that I didnt have pallinopsia in the beggining.

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Mine eventually went away but over the course of months.  HPPD is a strange condition in which symptoms can emerge after periods of time brought on by stress or other things.  My advice to you is to find a routine of living that works for you and do it.  Over time, the symptoms will get better.  Try not to focus on them or assess whether they have gotten better or worse.  They will do what they will do and I have found it's best to just go along for the ride.  I know that is easier said than done but I currently live a rich, dynamic life with this condition and so can you.  Hang in there friend, DM me if you'd like to talk more.    

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