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Cognitive Issues

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Hello everyone,

I just started up here and i can't describe how much finding an ACTIVE forum on hppd means to me.

A little info on me...18 year old guy and have had our little problem for around a year and a half now.

It completly caught me off guard and i have had extreme anxiety over everything to do with hppd ever since

I feel lucky reading about others when i see how mild in comparison some of my symtoms are

The one that really scares me though is the idea that my cognitive ability could have been damaged

I personally haven't been able to tell through schoolwork but that idea has been gnawing at me for a while now

I would love to hear any ideas you guys have on this.

Any personal experiences with cognitive problems after developing hppd?

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No. The fact that you were able to post that as coherently as you did is an indicator to me that you are suffering no cognitive problems or lessened problem solving skills, just a lot of anxiety. As someone with a medically diagnosed case of HPPD myself, I haven't noticed lessened problem solving abilities or cognitive problems. Most problems you're going to encounter are going to stem from your own worries about what you've done to yourself.

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My classes at university have not started yet so I'm not certain if it'll be a problem, but my cognitive function is certainly very impaired and it worries me more than my HPPD. I'm not sure whatever my mind sluggishness is just for outward events or if my thoughts are slow and I've became retarded overall. Both the HPPD and the cognitive problems started after a single heavy LSD trip 16 days ago.

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I personally can't tell because along with hppd i have experienced diminished cognitive capacity from acute PCP intoxication, but thats gotten much better, I can almost speak without stuttering now. The thing is...HPPD is a very subjective disease, some people experience severe loss of cognitive function, others experience HPPD with psychotic symptoms, others just hallucinations, others crippling anxiety etc

But theres hope for you man. I know a guy who was fried out from a trip of acid that turned out to be DOB. He was fucked up for a while, and could barely speak and it was scary, but its been two years, and although he tells me that he still has static and some hallucinations, that he can at least think now, and no longer suffers dp/dr. He appears completely normal, has a job, and nobody knows anything.

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