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Unusual Symptoms: Hyperacusis, Dizzyness, Headpressure. Need some Hope.

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Hello everyone, in a post a few days ago I already told in detail about my (probably) hppd-story. At this point I would like to briefly report again about my symptoms. Maybe someone has had similar experiences, and can give me some hope.

Between the beginning of September and the end of November I had a couple of psilocybin trips (4) and after that the symptoms developed something like this:

End of November, after the last trip (im completely sober since then): very mild visual snow, BFEP, light sensitivity (Only in the dark, for example at traffic lights). However, all on a level where I'm not sure if it was always like that. Meanwhile, the possible visual symptoms don't bother me at all. Maybe it was always like that and im just hypochondric.

Until about mid-December: massive anxiety due to the possible visual changes. The anxiety is 90% gone now.

Since mid-December: pressure on the head, always in different regions, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, sometimes hardly noticeable. Together with the pressure on the head, a kind of dizziness developed, as if my brain was spinning when I moved my head. In addition, and this is now my worst symptom: hyperacusus at certain, especially rather quiet sounds. The sound of coins, the bunch of keys, light switches. These sounds resound incredibly loudly through my skull, amplified tenfold, and cause physical ear pain. Feels like it is getting worse day by day. 

Has anyone experienced anything similar, or even improvement in these symptoms? It is hard for me to remain hopeful at the moment. 

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I remember when I first got HPPD, I had not only head pressure, but actual CRAMPS on the top of my head! It was really bizarre. (But then again, what isn’t when it comes to this condition.) I also remember telling my mom that it felt like someone had taken my brain out of my head, scraped it down a sidewalk, then put it back into my skull. The cramps and “scraped brain” LOL, did go away. I then stupidly took shrooms at a concert and the next day, I heard a REALLY loud piano playing. Every. Single. Minute. It was like someone was literally right next to me playing piano very loudly. At least they played it well. (No joke!) I was terrified and told my mom (that poor woman went through hell worrying about what was happening to me) and I remember lying on the couch with my head in her lap watching a movie while she rubbed my head. Thank the Lord above it only lasted that one day. So in a way, I can sort of “get” what you are saying about the sound thing, but obviously not completely. Sucks but I’ll betcha it will go away. I wonder if ear plugs would help?

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Hppd seems to be a functional neurological disorder. Symptoms can morph between range on any FND symptoms including head pressure and dizziness.

anyhow my best suggestion is the steady coach program on YouTube. It’s free. You will understand the core concept of stress and past trauma, how to resolve in order to resolve symptoms.


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