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On 12/19/2022 at 4:04 AM, help123 said:

Hello.A neurologist told me that my HPPD like symptoms are from temporo-occipital lobe connections because the MRI didn't find something organic.What do you think?Sorry if i mispell some words I'm not a native english speaker.

Best I could do honestly is I would have to see the MRI, or MRI report to evaluate what was said. "Found something not organic" is extremely vague and could be so many things on an MRI. If you have past drug use, have HPPD like symptoms, you likely have HPPD. If you have micro hyperintensities on your MRI finding that is typically found in about 25% of HPPD patients.

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they are available around the clock


 Urgent receipts with


 ship with its own fleet


 gie-medical imaging




 Ambulance call




 Cranio-cerebral MRI examination with i.v. contrast administration. highlights:

- single punctate demyelinating lesion present in the left frontal subcortical (non-specific MRI-to be monitored);


 the absence of acute lesions on the diffusion sequence or hemorrhagic stigmata on the SWI sequence; - the midline structures in normal position;


 -small dilatations of Virchow-Robin perivascular spaces present bilaterally fronto-parietal; symmetric ventricular system, located on the median line, moderately dilated, with no detectable obstructive cause on the performed sections;


 - pineal gland cyst, with diameters of approx. 13/13/14 mm;


 - the absence of pathological intakes of contrast substance infra or supratentorial, extra or intraneuraxial; - cerebral venous sinuses homogeneously opacified post-contrast, with slight asymmetry of the transverse sinuses


 -cerebral arterial vascular axes without notable particularities on the dedicated sequence; - normally pneumatized sinuses and mastoids;


 -slightly hypertrophic nasal comets (with a more pronounced appearance at the level of the lower left nasal turbinate); septum


 nasal deviated to the right of the median line.


 Conclusions: Single left frontal demyelinating lesion non-specific MRI (to be monitored). Mild communicating hydrocephalus, inactive, most likely secondary to diffuse cerebral atrophy. Pineal gland cyst. Nasal septum deviated to the right of the median line, with inflammatory changes in the left inferior nasal turbinate.

Note:The diffuse cerebral atrophy is in fact frontal lobe atrophy wich is from when I was born but I wasn't aware of that and had excellent scholar results.


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Hi, sorry I am just getting back to this.

How do you know that the diffuse cerebral atrophy was from your early childhood?

You really would have to tell us also, have you used drugs before you developed the symptoms you are experiencing?

Usually the only things that are seen in an MRI for HPPD are microlesions, or micro hyperintensities. The things listed on your MRI are quite different for that. However, most HPPD sufferers have nothing on their MRI.

If you have used drugs, and you have HPPD like symptoms, it is likely that you have HPPD. Please also explain what your symptoms are. 

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