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Has anyone experienced anything like this before?


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So my hppd has flared up from drug use and I don’t mind the visuals at all now but my head feels like it’s in a different universe. My brain used to be very very quiet and I could process or read a lot of information quite quickly and I was a very fast forward person however now things like reading feels very foreign to me and my inner voice seems to be very loud when I’m reading. My brain is constantly muffled with music and thoughts and previous phone calls I’ve had during the day. I’m always inside my head so much to the point that I can’t focus on what I’m doing externally. It’s horrible. My mind used to be so silent and I could always focus on what others were saying and I would have great comprehension and now my brain feels so melted. I’m on a bunch of healthy supplements and I’m trying to boost my gaba currently incase it is that but I’ve got no idea. My brain is always chattering even when it feels silent in there? Idk how to explain it hoping someone has experienced the same. 

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