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The Warning - Band (Song written at age 13 about giving up hope in their addiction).

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I never "Followed" / "Liked" a band before. I was always into classical music. I would be selective about recordings with what orchestra w/composer w/conductor. 

Then YouTube showed me these three sisters from Mexico, who went viral when the youngest was 8, 10, and 12 (bass, drummer, guitar/lead) playing Enter Sandman as good as any cover band you would hear. 

A am putting a trigger warning on the song because is does seem hopeless, but the drummer who is singing and playing piano (and wrote the song and lyrics) at 13 is now 18 and the band opened up for the Foo Fighters for a stadium of 70,000. If we got bad genetics that is preventing a system from resetting receptor density... this family got all of the good stuff with three very disciplined, growing up to be very attractive young women full of charisma and the are a Rock/Metal they are something I can obsess about listening to and they are touring the United States in their first tour right now. 

This is not a great example of their music, but it is fitting (And I have a copy of the lyrics written by hand by the drummer) but they all sing. Need a break from HPPD thoughts, want to hear new generation that is starting to blow up right now... the youtube videos of these woman live playing "evolve" "dust to dust" (drummer sings lead) Or Disciple / Choke. 

This is what I listen to to help me work through paper citations. 


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