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Feels like my body is moving/floating constantly when I sit still or lay down


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I've had HPPD symptoms for years (2014ish). Around June this year, I had just finished a week long run of Zolpidem. Two or three days after taking my last dose of Zolpidem, I bought some Valerian extract from a Vitamin shop. I popped three caps, waited for it to kick in, then hopped into the bed. I was blown away when I realized that it felt like I was floating around on a raft in bed. I was completely still, but it felt like I was being buffeted by water currents, or flying on a magic carpet gently moving up and down, side to side. Sometimes, it feels like my bed is tipping at an angle, or like I'm in an elevator going down or up.

I've had the sensations ever since. There was ONE night about two weeks ago that I laid down and wasn't greeted by the sensation. I have no idea why. I've taken NO medications, NO drugs, NO mind altering substances of any kind since this started. Is this a HPPD symptom? Thanks for reading my post!

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