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not impressed with my doctor

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i went to see if she would give me something for my anxiety, i found out the drug specialist id been refered to didnt deal with people who didnt have serious addictions, the way the letter was worded it came off like, pff, i dont deal with idiots taking recreational drugs...

then i spoke to the doctor about xanex, she hadnt heard of it and apparently it cant be prescribed in the uk so i guess il need to try and buy some. she refered me to a psychiatrist and sent me away nothing. she was pleasant enough but i would have hoped to get something for my anxiety.

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You just have to find the right doctor. I had a crappy doctor once that wouldn't prescribe me any bentos one time when I wanted them and so I went to a whole different clinic and have had great fortune with my current doctor. Xanax is probably called by a different name in the UK. Most drugs have different names in Europe than the do in the States.

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The best advice I could give you at this point is to just explain as well as you can what's going on and how much it affects you to the doc and tell them you think that a benzodizepine might help with it and would like to try one. Just explain what's up and I imagine they would be compelled to prescribe you something, maybe at a lower dose to start with. Just make sure you're talking to a psychiatrist. Good luck, and try not to abuse anything they give you because that wi ll only hurt you in the end.

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