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TLDR: Link to the survey


I spent the last week or so researching HPPD very heavily from a pharmacological standpoint. For context, I have some slight HPPD from a combination of things. It doesn't affect my life too negatively (a lot of it can be seen as an aesthetic enhancement with positive thinking), but the fact that this is something I have little control over — regardless of how temporary it is — is really frightening and makes me empathize with everyone who's having a form of HPPD that affects their life in a more negative way.

So I reviewed 193 papers, articles, and forum posts, compiled 664 highlights, and am in the process of finishing a very detailed (~13,000 word) write-up of the potential mechanisms behind HPPD, specific treatments that should work to various extents, as well as possible novel treatments. Full disclosure, I am not an academic, I'm at best a recreational pharmacologist. It's *possible* that I've made important mistakes in my research, and it's *likely* that I've made several small mistakes. That said, I'm fairly confident in some of the findings, and since the article is written in a way that goes through studies and gradually adds information and tests hypotheses — it's definitely valuable as a starting point for other people who wish to dive into the literature about this topic.

I will be publishing the article soon, but I'd like to ask for something first: I have made a survey that has questions about the details of your HPPD, and how specific substances affect it.

To judge the accuracy of my research, I have looked at the HPPD forum, the subreddit, and some other sites to see what people generally use. It seems to be consistent with some of the things I found, however online information is really poorly structured, scattered all over the internet with no common format and questionable accuracy.

So I tried to design the survey in a way that will let us see what works for others, what doesn't work for others, and find other **actionable patterns**.

It should take around 3 minutes. The results will of course be published for public viewing.

You can fill the survey here.

Thank you.

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