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  1. Hey, as I said last week, I was writing a research article reviewing what we know about the potential causes, and — by extension — treatments. I just published the article on my blog. It's very extensive, with each possible cause being discussed in detail. I hope it doesn't have too many inaccuracies, and that it helps some people. Both with treating their HPPD and with advancing research in the future. Thanks.
  2. TLDR: Link to the survey Hey, I spent the last week or so researching HPPD very heavily from a pharmacological standpoint. For context, I have some slight HPPD from a combination of things. It doesn't affect my life too negatively (a lot of it can be seen as an aesthetic enhancement with positive thinking), but the fact that this is something I have little control over — regardless of how temporary it is — is really frightening and makes me empathize with everyone who's having a form of HPPD that affects their life in a more negative way. So I reviewed 193 papers, articles, and
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