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Probable cause of HPPD an underlying viral infection? Maybe? JC virus explained


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Quoting the wikipedia:

Human polyomavirus 2 can cross the blood–brain barrier into the central nervous system, where it infects oligodendrocytes and astrocytes, possibly through the 5-HT2A serotonin receptor.[14]Human polyomavirus 2 DNA can be detected in both non-PML affected and PML-affected (see below) brain tissue.[15]


So this virus can be in healthy human beings without having to provoke PML ( the disease I mean )


From webmed.com (https://www.webmd.com/brain/jc-virus#1)  Experts don't know how it's spread, but it's thought that many people pick it up as kids through food or water that has the virus in it. It settles in your urinary tract, bone marrow, tonsils, or brain. It can stay there for years, and most people never know they have it.


From https://www.healthline.com/health/multiple-sclerosis/jc-virus-risks-for-ms-patients :


The John Cunningham virus, known more commonly as the JC virus, is a very common virus in the United States. According to the World Journal of Neurosciences, between 70 and 90 percent of people in the world have the virus. The average person carrying the JC virus will never know and is unlikely to experience any side effects.

So most people have it right?

Having it doesnt mean you are getting diseased, as with every microorganism.



So if you pay close attention, to this video

You can notice how a virus when attaches to a receptor activates it.

Just keep in mind that LSD or Psilocin is "the key" as well, and the lock is your neuronal receptor. As well as the JC virus that can lock in the same receptors that psychedelics do as well. The 5ht2a receptor, a serotonin receptor.


Since in a sinapse there is more than one serotonin 5ht2a receptor, couldnt it be that the virus is locking to the receptors as they open up since the viral shape is round and is sticking to one and to another several times?


I mean if a virus locks into a normal cell, it would enter the cell.

But in neurons, when receptors are activated , they dont let in anything inside, that just triggers an electrical impilse to the nearest neuron, right? Depolarization of the neuron membrane is called. Watch david nichols videos about neuroscience and you will understand this better.

Neurons are specialized cells and they get fed and all their essential functions are done by their nearby glial cells. So they dont need to le inside them anything, that is already done by the cells around them.


So, we know that if serotonin is activating a receptor ( wich is usually the thing that activates it ) that receptor is filled with serotonin and wont let in a virus or substance. And after the serotonin is expelled, that receptor is closed for a time until is open again so can accept serotonin again.


Where I'm trying to get here, is that when something  is activating the receptor ( lsd, psilocin, serotonin and alikes ) , the triggering neuron wont let more serotonin inside the synaptic space, because the triggered neuron doesnt detect that there is a serotonin depletion in the synaptic space.
So serotonin in the synaptic space is depleted. So when there is no serotonin, anything that can enter those 5ht2a recetprs is going to enter into them.

Since serotonin has more afinity to them, serotonin has prefecernce over the JC virus to enter the receptor. But since there is no serotonin because the psychedelic has made it to get depleted, the JC virus enters the receptor instead, activating the neuron again, and creating a vicious cycle, where serotonin is constantly depleted and there is nothing that can expell the virus away, and it will keep activating the 5ht2a receptors around. Thus creating the symptomatology of perma tripping known as HPPD or visual snow.


Makes sense?


To me makes 100% sense.


I dont know why nobody is talking about this. Like there is a viral agent that can activate the very same receptors as psychedelics do, and nobody is talking about it. And viruses are the most widespread disease causing agents and still no one has ever thought about it? I just cant believe it.

Maybe is not the drugs, maybe is the virus. Since, there are many people that get the hppd weeks later after having the psychedelic experience and trying weed.

And they then escalate slowly but steady. Just like an infection


And by the way, regarding the visual snow syndrome, if the viral count of this virus gets real big for whatever reason, they can bind directly to the 5ht2a receptor without the need of a psychedelic. It's called selevtive affinty.



Just my 2 cents.




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Sehr interessant, ich habe fest gestellt, dass mir Serotonin fehlt, seit ich HPPD habe, was bedeutet, dass ich mich unglücklich fühlen. Ist normal! Ich habe eine Frage an Sie: Glauben Sie, dass man ein Medikament, das im Gehirn wirkt, durch reparieren der DNA durch einen Virus umprogrammiert wurde, erfinden könnte? Und ist so etwas chemisch möglich? Ich bin totaler Leie! Aber sterben einen sagen, es ist im Gehirn der Rezeptor 5ht 2a, andern sagen es ist ein DNA-Problem.Eigentlich beides richtig, jeder Rezeptor hat DNA Zellkerne, ich kann mich auch irren, und völlig daneben liegen, aber wenn es wäre das es ein Medikament ob flüssig oder fest, es machbar wäre die DNA zu kaputt sterben betroffen Stränge (das Modell) was ja nur als Bild dient um es sich bildhaft vorzustellen zu können. Nur eine leienhafte Idee! Und gibt es schon Forschung über DNA, erneuern, umprogrammieren, reparieren? Bei einem geborenen Menschen? 

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