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Can someone tell me if my symptoms reflect HPPD?


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Hi there,

I'm new to this forum. I have been suffering from severe mental and auditive symptoms since a bad trip on THC syrup, that followed a bad trip on mushrooms a couple of months earlier. I have seen several doctors already but none can agree on a clear diagnosis. These are my symptoms:

- psychedelic state, with a lot of anxiety - afraid of everything

- auditory distortions (sounds have a psychedelic layer on them, sometimes echoes)

- no visual symptoms

Basically I feel like in a permanent bad shroom/THC trip.

Is there anyone here who recognizes this and who could tell me if this can be HPPD?

When I take antipsychotics (Amisulpride/Solian) my symptoms disappear for a large part (not entirely though, some anxiety remains).

Thanks a lot for any input.

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Absolutely, it definitely does sound that to some degree, you have HPPD related symptoms. They aren't the most classically reported symptoms, but they are in the spectrum when considering they are the aftermath of illicit narcotic use. Not all HPPD symptoms are visual, I have no visual symptoms(Although for some time I did have visual snow). Personally I feel the visual symptoms are the more bearable symptoms. Anxiety and depersonalization IMO are the worst HPPD symptoms. My anxiety was so bad immediately after that my heart rate was 90-110 resting, dipshit doctors just thought I was on drugs, imbeciles. 

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