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It’s been almost 2 month since i had HPPD, I am not sure I am having HPPD or not. I had only a half of single stamp( lsd), first time experience, I never used any hallucinogenic drugs before except some weed . During the trip I smoked some weed too.Initial few hours were so euphoric then something went wrong I wasn’t feel happy. I called my buddy. And he was high on weed, when I was at peek he tried to scared me. I really scared. I can’t say it was a bad trip. Later the comedown, I was normal. After that day onwards I am having severe anxiety and panic attacks.after a week panic attack has gone but I have severe anxiety. I wasn’t able to sleep well. Having vivid dreams all time. I got light sensitivity, floaters and I have visual static when I look at sky or white screen.I don’t feel like me. I am on clonazepam .25 for a week now, my anxiety has reduced a bit, but not able to sleep well, floaters and vs.I am sober after that trip.

somebody please help me. What to do next, I don’t know how long it would take to cure ?

any medication ?

will it go completely?

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First I'd visit a Doctor to rule out other possibilities, just to be safe.

If you do have HPPD, there isn't a cure per-se, but there are ways of managing it, and if you search the forum you'll find accounts of people who've had it go away over time, and others that claim success with specific treatments and techniques. Minimizing stress, focusing on things you enjoy doing that aren't too visually stimulating, have a good diet, get proper vitamin intake, and obviously stay away from all drugs.

IMO, Clonazepam is the best medication for HPPD, with the most research backing it up as a treatment option, however there are some very serious pro's and con's. It's crazy addictive, you can't stop taking it suddenly so you need to make sure you don't run out, and .25mg isn't enough to help much with HPPD symptoms. The minimum effective dose in my personal experience is 2mg, but less is better, so if you feel the need to keep using Clonazepam, start slow, and don't take more than the bare minimum you need to get by.

I've been on Clonazepam for over 10 years due to severe HPPD and it's made life fairly manageable. However, I think my HPPD may be gone now, so I'm going to go off soon, which is the worst part about Clonazepam/benzos: you have to titrate down very slowly and the withdrawals are pretty bad.

Don't give up hope.

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