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NEW! Directory of Physicians Who Treat HPPD

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Hello Everyone!

I'm just a mom of someone living with HPPD for many years. I am also a psychologist researcher who has published on the topic, but, by no means, consider myself any sort of expert.  I have been a participant in this HPPD ONLINE forum over the years and think it is the finest resource to help those with HPPD. Kudos to David Kozin!

I have a website, FACES OF HPPD. I have been remiss in updating my website (www.facesofhppd.com), but I do talk with and exchange emails almost weekly with folks all around the world who have HPPD and who reach out.  The most frequent request I get is, "I think I have HPPD, where do I go to see a doctor?"

I feel certain that most people reading this have had to bumble and fumble through a ton of doctors to eventually (and hopefully) find someone who is nonjudgmental to help you feel better and who is willing to explore treatments and medications.

Wouldn't it be great to have some sort of yellow pages directory of these good medical professionals?

 I am volunteering to compile a list of doctors and treatment centers around the world, not only that are specialized in HPPD, but including even those non-specialist primary care docs, psychiatrists, neurologists, and psychologists who simply GET IT and are open and willing to investigating medical solutions to treat HPPD symptoms WITHOUT judgment.

If you have a doctor who has helped you -- someone who you would recommend, please add them to the directory I am starting.  Here is the link: https://www.facesofhppd.com/new-physician-directory.html  I will update the list regularly and also call and verify with physicians to make sure it is OK we publish their name. Hey, it's free advertising for them.

Please let me make this clear as I have in the past about my research efforts:  I am an independent unpaid researcher (as a side to working a regular job full-time running my own business).  I do what I do to help - as a volunteer. And I do not have some sort of agenda to make a name for myself or collect dollars AT ALL.  I have self-funded all my projects.  You wouldn't believe the unkind criticisms I have gotten over the years in the effort to research HPPD.   Anyway, just wanted to make that clear. My son has suffered immeasurably with HPPD (particularly visual snow) in the prime of his life (he is now 30) and my family knows how hard this is for everyone.  I do what I can to contribute to the heightened awareness of the disorder.

Please help your HPPD counterparts by letting us know of any doctors who have helped you medically.  I will continuously update the Directory and hope I get some names soon!

Thanks all!

Doreen Lewis, Phd

from Sunny Florida, USA

Email: info@facesofhppd.com 



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