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Did Prozac Trigger HPPD? Or am I just trippin


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Recently increased prozac dosage from 20-40mg (14 days ago)

The first week of my increase in dosage I noticed stuff looked off, but now stuff seems faintly psychedelic. The more I take the increased dose the more I see tracers n shit. It's all pretty mild.

Last time tripping was 3 months ago

Heavy marijuana user from 3 years ago until now (just quit for the time being) Was facing like 6 blunts a day of some qualityyyy then started smoking concentrate, strong shit like the 80% 90% sugar diamond wax, and was smoking like .5-1g a day until about 2 weeks ago I had a fit of panic attacks and obsessive intrusive thoughts. (Had panic attacks since 15, I'm 20 now)

Before changing doses I never noticed anything

The last week or so it seems as if I've been getting very very mild psychedelic like visuals (text faintly barely moving, slight tracers, everything just looks trippy, warping for like milliseconds) All of these really only happen when I overly focus on it. Before discovering HPPD was a disorder I didn't even notice anything other than tracers

No visual snow, everything looks crystal clear

only happens slightly and when I focus on it I think it increases, sometimes doesn't even happen when I don't think about it

very very subtle, most noticed is slight tracer, although I’ve had slight tracers as a kid (think spinning a sparkler in a circle)

This has definitely been increasing my anxiety.

I have had experience with both LSD and Mushrooms in the past but never noticed anything visually while sober until now.

Took acid under 10 times I think, and Mushrooms under 10 too within the past 2-3 years.

I have slight trauma associated to my prior psychedelic use (Witnessed someone go into full blown psychosis while tripping with them. This shit shook me up pretty bad and increase my anxiety substantially when I even think about the subject now) This was 2 years ago

Last time using shrooms was around 3 months ago. (Very very strong shrooms, had INTENSE tracers from 2g. Friend shot a pellet gun and it almost felt like I was in the Vietnam war haha. Like some crazy shit these shrooms were no joke) Now planning to abstain from psychedelics for a very long time. Possibly forever as I’ve experienced what I wanted from them. Might try weed again down the road because it's something I really enjoyed (Heard y'all say not to, but I'm thinking it's just the prozac)

Any input at all will help, Thank y'all and I wish you all the best. Stay strong, you are loved.

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Started with visual snow.  Then like you said I started to see shit moving text etc...  Next came after images, color intensification, flashing lights when I close my eyes, dp/dr, disturbed sleep, and crippli wng anxiety.

I'm glad to hear that things are mild right now.  If I were you I would stay away from weed and for sure any other drugs as well.  I understand how difficult it can be, but it's not worth it trust me.


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