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Epilepsy drugs

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i also tried tegratol and it took about 1500mgs to even work, but it did enentually

however that much tergratol leaves you unable to even lift your head the next day with dizzyness, couldnt go to college for like 2 days because i couldnt walk straight and had double vision

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Dilantin had some positive effects on my HPPD. I stopped taking it though because it was making me too lethargic. Keppra is probably the worst medication I've taken, it made me suicidally depressed after awhile. You gotta be careful with anti-epileptic drugs, they tend to cause depression if you over do it, or are sensitive to them.

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I tried Sinemet CR but it wasn't as effective for me. Haven't tried XL. (generally avoid XL since you it is not safe to cut the pills for smaller doses ... and larger dosing is often too much)

Sometime ago read that CR is best for very early Parkinson's whereas advanced Parkinson's does better with standard. IPD is actually very different that Parkinsonism.

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