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Visuals from non-drug induced DR


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I just found out that Visual snow and some other visual symptoms I have experienced are common in sufferers of dereaization even if their derealization wasn't caused by drug use. When my symptoms first started I had a few days of bad DR but it hasn't been to that level since. I would say that i have had really mild DR since then (feeling like I'm just not sensing the world right even if I can't explain how it is wrong). MY visuals have always been mild, usually just snow or weird after-images so maybe it's just a symptom of the DR rather than HPPD or something unique to hallucinogen caused anxiety. That would seem to greatly improve our odds of recovering, right?


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Yeah man i've been thinking the same thing recently. I have been reading a lot of the dpselfhelp forum and have found the symptoms relate to me. I don't get massive visuals and my main problem is DR. I was thinking maybe i only have DR but if it was caused by srooms dose that mean i have HPPD as well?

Im not sure if its going to improve our odds of recovery as they all seem to be searching for the holy grail of medicine as well.

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Sorry for making two of these topics i'm not sure how I did that.

Mine was caused by shrooms too. I think it does mean we have better odds of recovering if you have only had symptoms for a short time (a few months or less) because if it is all caused by anxiety it can be overcome and drug use causes temporary anxiety in a lot of people.

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