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As I'm sure all of you know, there is currently a lot of research about the benefit of psychedelics and very little research about HPPD. This is partly because HPPD doesn't tend to show up in the clinical trials that are being done of psychedelics. Having had a think about this, I suspect it may be because the big difference between the clinical trial participants and recreational psychedelic users is that recreational users tend to be weed smokers and weed is known to interact with the disorder - whereas in the clinical trials they exclude people who use marijuana or other recreational drugs. If I'm correct, then a backdoor approach to increasing HPPD research would be to set up a clinical trial on the use of psilocybin to treat cannabis addiction. This is more likely to get funded than a study directly investigating HPPD, and if HPPD does show up during the trial then psychedelic scientists will be forced to investigate it. @David S. Kozin is there any way you or anyone else here could set up such a study?

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