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HPPD Advice?


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Hi, I'm 18 years old and have briefly experimented with acid, first dose was 100 ug, second was 150, and third was 200 or 250, i cant remember. Each experience was grate and i felt like i learned a lot. Its been about 3 months since i last had it, and recently started noticing some strange things. The symptoms are very mild, some bushes and trees i look at have that layered look, im sure you'll know what i mean. I see auras around things like my tv and genereal objects, but they are barely ever noticable. I see  after images too but they dont tend to last too long, but definately the most noticable change, and finally the occasional flash of light in the corner or my eyes. 

However, ive deffinately noticed increased depression and anxiety especially when i started noticing the symptoms as my idea was that i would fall into a full blown acid trip and never be the same again, and i completely refrained from research because i was too scared of what i might discover. However, after reading peoples stories i am much more hopeful, but there are still some questions i have about this condition. Btw, i was a really big weed smoker but ive completely stopped, and i barely drink. But i was wondering, since im only about 3 weeks, will thisngwt worse? My dream is to pursue a career in tattooing, but im scares that this will effect me. By the sounds of it i think my symptoms are really mild, they dont effect me at all other than the fear that they may get worse. Any advice would be much appreciated, and great job with the site, its definately lowered my anxiety about the whole thing since hearing about others with the condition :)

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Hi and welcome,

The first thing I wanted to touch on is how you mentioned maybe smoking weed again, let me be clear: you can't use drugs anymore, not even weed. Weed can permanently make your symptoms worse, don't do it.

In my own personal experience, HPPD doesn't get worse on it's own, the symptoms you have are the symptoms you have, again, unless you make a bad decision like using weed or any psychedelics ever again.

There are medications that can help, I'm not going to push any, I'd suggest thoroughly reading the Medication sub-forum and deciding what sounds best for you if you wish to go that route.

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Ah, must've been a mis-communication, i dont have any plans of smoking again as Ive read up on how it affects it. Can responsible drinking still be done or does everything have to be cut out? And thats good news, i could easily live with the symptoms i have as scary/strange as they can be at times, just gotta get on with it i suppose. Hoping i wont have to get any medication, thanks gor the help

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Drinking won't make your HPPD symptoms worse (at least it doesn't for most), but it can be a really easy way to become an alcoholic because it actually tends to reduce symptoms for a short while (because it works on GABA, like Clonazepam does). The only risk besides that is if you were prescribed clonazepam and drank on top of that, that can be dangerous, but it sounds like you have a really good attitude about your symptoms so you might not start taking that anyway.

The only other thing I can think of in terms of drinking is that hangovers can temporarily make symptoms worse, so just be aware of that as well.

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