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Had a very enjoyable EEG today - visuals!

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The strobe light produced multiple colours and patterns when my eyes were closed. Visually, it was awesome.

I don't know how usual it is. Had a quick search, couldn't find much. One person here with visual snow etc reported the same experience: http://www.epilepsy.com/discussion/993028

The person who conducted the EEG said others had reported similar things, so probably no significance to it.

Anyone else experience this during their EEG?

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Ghormeh, Yes!

I just had an EEG about 2 months ago. It was to test for the presence of epilepsy which I don't have though I have had seizures during times of severe infection.

That said, I couldn't believe the visuals it gave through the strobes with my eyes closed. Unbelievable.

But I didn't mention HPPD...I thought about it, and went with my gut feeling that I would lose credibility for the initial reason I was there, and all of my other doctors would be informed( I'm in a very rural area right now and it seemed his speciality was classic epilepsy, stroke, etc. I could very well be underestimating the neurologist and I hope not but I've learned to pick my battles wisely when it comes to whom I disclose that information. I just didn't sense it would go over well).

I would like to get a qEEG in the Boston area with someone who knows what to look for (in regards to HPPD) but I am unsure that will ever really be tangible.

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I want another one lol. Spectacular display.

In what sense do you think it would not go well? You think they would not take you seriously and send you off to shrink?

I'm having problems with the regular doc who doesn't want to take me seriously. She ordered me an emergency MRI based on ghosting (which I described to her as double vision) and headaches, but since that came back negative, she just says 'anxiety', which is incredibly frustrating. But I'll soon sort that out or change docs.

My neuro is part of the same institution as Dr Goasbey who knows about VS and related symptoms (he is a migraine specialist), so that should help, even though she has never heard of it. See my other thread for research he is apart of. And she said she would research HPPD ahead of my next visit. She seems willing to listen to what I have to say, and she ordered me some tests with no hassle based on my symptoms (EEG and EMG). Since it's all free here in England I'll try and get as many tests as I can, hopefully something will show up!

I'd like a qEEG as well. I'm thinking about giving neurofeedback a go at some point if money allows, and the person I got in contact with said I would have a qEEG assesment to begin with. I don't know how these things work and whether it is possible to look for things afterwards, but I was going to ask Dr. Abraham if I could send the report to him. But that won't be for about 6 months, if it happens. Trying out other, cheaper alternatives first. But I figure if they can pick up some abnormalities on qEEG, and I can get rid of them through neurofeedback, maybe it will help? Trying to avoid meds if I can...

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I don't get CEVs either (unless the static counts...), not sure about OEVs. I don't get geometric patterns etc but do get some blotches of colour in my vision sometimes. Not really sure what constitututes OEVs.

Haha, actually I have a strobe light at my old place. Might see if I can replicate it when I go and pick up my post. The EEG strobe seemed super powerful, though.

I never actually experienced things like this with drugs. Only did mushrooms once, and things just got larger and smaller and span around and stuff.

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