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HPA (Hallucinating Pals Anonymous) Meetings Proposal

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Hi there,

I am not sure if this goes against the rules in this forum but I have been thinking of this for a while.

I have had HPPD for 3 years now just turned my 3rd a couple weeks ago and I'm proud to say I have made a full recovery in what can be said as a full recovery. My visuals very rarely cause me any problems (anxiety or DP/DR ect.) and half of the time I forget all about them and live me life. Although sometimes it's easy for me to forget what I had to go through, I think its important to remember the progress and struggle and that others are on different stages on this path. At low points I still get thought patterns that are echoes of what I once went through and I think its important to seek support in these times be that through family or friends but I know there will be some in situations where this is not possible. 

3 years ago this site was home to some advice I had that really helped me and I don't really know where I would be today without reading that [looking at you Jay1 and Ferret]. Therefore I thought it would be right for me to give back to this community. Although all this online stuff is great it is tiny to what a physical talk with people can accomplish. I was thinking of setting up a London based meet-up for those living around the area with HPPD to meet and greet and discuss how they are doing. This will allow people on different stages of recovery to give advice to each other and improve the welfare of all participants within the meeting. I was thinking that this would follow rules similarly to A.A which I can get into more detail depending on the reaction to this post but in general the rotational leadership rather than the religious aspect. 


Obviously this will be explored further in a Post-Corona time.


Let me know what you think, if no one live in London area that R.I.P this post





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