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Proposal for New Forum Sections


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I think there should be two new sections considered to be added to the website.

Frist: Anxiety

Everyone with HPPD deals with it, and it is actually one of the few factors that execerbates existing symptoms. Everyone has their own methods for coping with anxiety, and I think we need a place where all of that can be easily found. There is an entire section devoted to benzodiazepines, such as Clonazepam and Xanax, including their abuse and withdrawel. Well, why not a section which deals with how to make benzodiazepines less of a necessity, such as one which extinguishes anxiety at the source, such as negative thought processes, instead of placating it with medications (the destructive side-effects of which many of us can attest to). This would not, of course, remove or lessen the necessity for a benzodiazepine section, as it is an enormously beneficial (and at times critical) tool when used properly.

Second: Philosophy

This would be similar to the anxiety section (and perhaps the two should be one) in that they both target the same problem. But philosophy extends beyond the scope of anxiety. Again, everyone has their own philosophies; from fate, to God, to atheism, to why to be positive, for why to be hopeless, why it is pointless to go on, why it is worth fighting to go on, reasons to live, reasons to die, reasons to be kind, reasons to think reasons exist. And everyone could weigh in on everyone else's views, which would foster the dissemination of ideas, and enrich everyone's lives with new ways to look at the world, new ways that might breathe fresh life into each of us. Those that seem appropriate to your life and how you see the world, take them with you. Those that do not seem accurate to you, simply discard them. And those who propose their own philosophies, be they their own or from another known philosopher, may find others' views on it suplement it. They might even challenge it, which could still lead to further, healthy contemplation. This section would require great composure from those who post. The potential for cruelty towards a worldview of someone else that clashes with your own could not be tolerated and would make the section impossible to run, as it is not the job of the moderators, who donate their time and energy and effort for free (shout out to all moderators: thank you), to comb a single section constantly because it is profuse with childishness. Anger, I believe, is ok, but not towards another person on the forum. Our situations are to serious for cruelty towards one another.

We make up this community, and it is up to us to try to improve it for each other, and especially for the hundreds who comb the website who have not yet decided to become a member. I was one of them. Trust me, there are many, many more. Also, I do not know the logistics of this (for example, if it would cost the website more money to run if there were more forums). This is just to get a consensus on whether these seem good ideas.

So, what does everyone think?

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