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Valproic Acid and Memantine?

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Hi, I am new to this website, however, I have been lurking around for some time as just a spectator. 

Has anyone tried VA or Memantine to treat late stage HPPD symptoms. I've been improving steadily for the better part of 4 months now after being in a free fall for six, tinnitus, light sensitivity, and balance issues are all gone. However, the visual snow and occasional hypochondriac attack still occur. Mostly I've been running off my issues and it has put me in good health, for medications I have been on 50mg of Imipramine in addition to 200mg of Lamotrigine. This combination works great, once you get past the original side effects. I also take Huperazine A in order to combat the cholinergic antagonism displayed by the Imipramine and it keeps the memory problems at bay (if anything it has been improving my cognition). 

I've been considering in trying out VA (Anticonvulsant) and Memantine (NMDAR antagonist) in the treatment of my condition. The memantine is already on the way, however I have yet to act on the VA. My question is as to whether VA is worth it? I've been reading up on it and have been seeing pretty mixed things on the drug. Ranging from psychotic episodes, to it not doing anything, to creating perfect pitch. Sounds like there's a lot of risk involved in it. 

As for Memantine, one of the theories that I've seen floated, especially that floated on the r/HPPD subreddit, is that there is some degree of Glutamergic dysfunction within neurons. Would Memantine optimize Glutamergic Transmission or would it just make it worse? 

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Yes, Memantine is supposed to reduce Glutamate excitotoxicity. Did you try it?



Memantine: a NMDA receptor antagonist that improves memory by restoration of homeostasis in the glutamatergic system--too little activation is bad, too much is even worse


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