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David S. Kozin

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Hi David, I have found that Diatomaceus  Earth is working very well for my HPPD have been suffering from HPPD for over 25 years. I have little to no depersonalization. I have  almost no "shadow visions". I have written to you before, and I do not expect you to remember that. I have been on a personal quest to find my own  relief for over 25 years and I finally found it. Depending on the severity, it may work well for you and possibly others. Without Diatomaceous Earth(DE), I could not be the man I am today. Many other  chemical/drugs exacerbate HPPD from LSD. We have a small community, and it is wise to listen to each other. Thanks very much, if you want to talk more, hopefully some feedback from your experience with DE, I would really like to know how it went for you. I will give my email only by request. 



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