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Hello all, new here.


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Hey everyone I've been lurking on this site for a while but I giured I might as well sign up. I've basically had HPPD for about 1 year now and DP/DR for 6 months. My drug usage includes 2 shrooms trips, around 12 LSD trips, around 25 ecstasy experiences, 3 DMT, 1 cocaine, 2 ketamine, and near 24/7 weed smoking for around a year. I had done the bulk of that usage without experiencing any negative side effects. LSD, I believe, was the main culprit. The last 2 times I dosed they were both HORRIFFIC experiences and the negative vibes I experienced seemed to of stuck with me. I also believe the severity of those 2 experiences were primarily what caused such bad HPPD, I had VERY slight HPPD prior to those two experiences and I believe the negativity of it all really took the HPPD to another level.

Anyhow my symptoms include visual snow, brain fog, light sensitivity and cause of the DP/DR everything looks flat and almost like the worlds a 2D cardboard cut out. It's a lot worse than it sounds. The worst part out of all of this is definitely the depersonalization and the resulting anxiety. Also, I almost feel like I'm losing my mind......it's gotten better over time so I know I'm not actually losing my mind but I really feel like mentally I've just suffered a lot from all this.....I really hope my cognitive functioning improves over time. I've sobered up and haven't smoked weed in about 6 months and haven't taken any psychedelics in around 9 months. I took MDMA in August at a show and that's the last time I've done anything other than drink. I drank every couple of weeks initially but since I've quit I've been clean off of alcohol for almost 4 months. I've also started eating really well(not that I ate all that bad initially) and I've been running a lot.

I really hope we haven't permanently screwed ourselves for a few good times, if I had known this was even a possibility for my life I never would've touched psychedelics.

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I hear you mate... Ill keep it brief and positive... it definitely gets better with time providing you dont hit the drugs... What i would say is try meditation.. Its been of great help to me although i know its not for every one. Not saying it cures it, but for me at least when i started meditating daily was when i really started to see an improvement and it helped me to feel relaxed and calm and happy.

Theres a cool meditation guide i found at a low point on youtube

All the best... Peace...

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