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Eyes getting worse


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Cheers guys. Found you because someone on Reddit mentioned HPPD.

I'm 21 year old German guy and this year is my badest in my entire life.

I am sorry for misspelling etc, often i just used english to rage in Online Games lol.

I want to create this topic, because maybe there are people that have the same issues, because nobody knows tf i have.

To begin, this year i started smoking very much weed, like everyday and gaming, no issues first. Then i tried 1time magic mushrooms from Alpha.

It was i think what is called a bad trip, but the painful part is my eyes dried out and then i rubbed them really hard.

After that my eyes was red and then gone after 2-3 days. But in my right eye, some burning/pressure on the left site of my iris wasn't going away. It was also blurred/cloudy, looked like iridozyklitis:



but not that bad.

But the meme was still funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1ahJsDNDTQ haha


After some months, on October, my left starts to hurt really bad for no reason, it wasn't even red. I had it for 3 days, after that it was gone. One time at the desk i had this sensation, that on left eye everything runs down like water, that scared my ass.

So after that i hadn't just bad vision, but got Visual Sow at the bluesky/ some floaters/ Halos and rainbow halos at really light lamps, starburst.

I'm also really sure, everytime my eyes got more bad, it was everytime over night during my sleep, everytime.

So after that i got so scared, that was the beginning i started to see many doctors. I thought the bad vision was going away and ignored the pain etc. for many month, but to say i was at the Ophthalmologist, but nothing was found in OCT etc.



- I went to multiple Ophthalmologist because after some weeks/month i got more blurred vision, problem to read at the desk and my eyes started to hurt really bad, some night also like some knife was stabbing in there or needle, it was hurting so bad.

I went to the emergency, but also nothing found.

Got measure eye pressure(also 24 hours one)/OCT/HRT/VEP/ Visual Fields Test, Retina Laser Scan with contrast agents

- Went to the neurologist, done EEG, VEP, AEP and Doppler sonography from my temple and neck artery,

also MRT Angio with contrast agents again, nothing.

Diagnosis: Mental ill because of drug using etc pp.

- To the cardiology, 24 hours ekg and blood pressure, cardiac echo and doppler sonography again.

Nothing found, only thing my blood pressure is falling at sleep at 43 diabolic, but they said nothing bad.

- Then ENT doctor, nothing found. Only thing i need to get done is on 2th January the CT for paranasal sinuses.

- Some normal blood test, one time i got high CRP, low platelets.

And somehow i'll got high bilirubin from 4,0. Before all that it was very low, now my eyes are fucking yellow.

But after 4 weeks the CRP and platelets one got better. Further nothing wrong, liver etc anything alright.


After all that, i had enough and thought, okay fuck it, i'm tired.


But yeah, then i got double vision, more at light, when i looking at the monitor for example.

When its darker, after images from trees.

And the badest now, Virtual Snow, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c0/Red-blue-noise.gif

But not the ones when i looking at the sky etc and not that strong, but i can definitely see it on any object, also at dark.

For example, right now writing, everything looks that the light is moving, like at some ass old TV.

Everywhere i'm looking! That one i got new today after i woke up, yesterday it wasn't there.


Only answer i'll get now from the doctors is because my Mind or try more eye drop.

I know in the first month this shit wouldn't work because after using it don't got any better,

but somehow they can't see i don't know what to do, nono try that or you are mental ill.


Now my eyes hurt, have bad vision and have that tons shit of symptoms with only 21 years.

Oh i forgot, in the middle of that i also got Tinnitus, Sudden Hearing Loss etc.

Also my temple left and right often somedays felt numb or was in pain, but not anymore.

Also my friend say i had often very big pupils and they don't stand still, also they make big jumps.

But now its better or maybe i got used too it.

Fuck 2019.

Some pictures of my eyes, where i tried to point out that blurred place in my eyes, where all started.






To mention, at this place it still burns, some day less, some more.

Things that could trigger something maybe this year:


- Cannabis

- Magic Mushroom

- Chiropractic

- Nasal douche

- two Ticks, but wasn't red and Immunblot negativ. Have now some LTT Test and NK Zells, maybe i trie some antibiotics, just to see.

- One time i had pretty bad difficulty in breathing when i was running for the flight for Egypt. I couldn't speak/breath and need to cough after every breath.

I also thought about some extender in the cannabis, but yeah.

That was my story, someone here have some of these problems?

It really pisses me off.

Thank you for ur time and happy christmas eve.


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Most of your symptoms seem to match up with HPPD, so I'd say you most likely have it. I was experiencing extreme pressure in my eyes (along with my head) which you seem to be dealing with, and had some pretty bad light sensitivity (trailing, halos, double vision etc). A good coping technique for this is to wear some sunglasses (I wear my prescribed ones 24/7 and a big chunk of my pressure/visual-symptoms have been simmered down. Seriously, buy yourself a pair and see if it makes any difference, I know a few others on here have had success with it as well.

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Thanks for your reply Kalo, i will try that, even that i don't sunglasses fit me.

But now we have winter here anyway, so there isn't any sun. 

But I can't read etc already when i just look in my lamp at the desk and this is a warm light.


But my last Mushroom is already 8 month ago, can HPPD getting worse after so many months? At the beginning i just problems with my vision.

And my Halos etc are terrible at night, in the day i can't see them that much.

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Even without the sun, I still wear mine consistently. It helps with artificial lights, etc. Yeah, it's common for symptoms to get much worse at night, and symptoms overall can get worse overtime or better. It really just depends on the person. Personally, after my symptoms got worse over the course of a few months they gradually started to decline when I started wearing sunglasses and eating a keto diet (keto diet is a BIG help for people with HPPD).

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On 12/25/2019 at 12:29 PM, Denairix said:

But my last Mushroom is already 8 month ago, can HPPD getting worse after so many months? At the beginning i just problems with my vision.

Mine is also worsening for exactly 8 months now. From what I've read I'd say there is the highest chance of getting better or even cure within the first 18 months after onset. So it's too early to give up hope at this point of time, you still can get better. Did you do any drugs/meds after onset?

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Nope, ate mushroom one time and only cannabis last in april or so. Over 8 months clean, but got Visual Snow at christmas.

Halos and Starburst etc. i got in october

My vision that i see not sharp started after the mushroom use.


Do you guys have sometimes pain in the eyes? Like when you use a computer or so? Because we can't see that well anymore, right?

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Oh alright, but thats good i think, i got often eye pain.


When you get halos, can you see on bright white lights these colored rings around them? Like blue/green or something?

And floaters? I have them on blue sky, but not in black, they are bright. What is this? Normaly floaters are dark said my doc, they look like micro suns or these bright dots you get when you have migraine.


sorry for my bad english

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