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  1. Hey guys, created an Discord about HPPD you can join too talk if you want https://discord.gg/rJ9qbug Thanks and stay away from drugs. :0
  2. Oh alright, but thats good i think, i got often eye pain. When you get halos, can you see on bright white lights these colored rings around them? Like blue/green or something? And floaters? I have them on blue sky, but not in black, they are bright. What is this? Normaly floaters are dark said my doc, they look like micro suns or these bright dots you get when you have migraine. sorry for my bad english
  3. Nope, ate mushroom one time and only cannabis last in april or so. Over 8 months clean, but got Visual Snow at christmas. Halos and Starburst etc. i got in october My vision that i see not sharp started after the mushroom use. Do you guys have sometimes pain in the eyes? Like when you use a computer or so? Because we can't see that well anymore, right?
  4. Thanks for your reply Kalo, i will try that, even that i don't sunglasses fit me. But now we have winter here anyway, so there isn't any sun. But I can't read etc already when i just look in my lamp at the desk and this is a warm light. But my last Mushroom is already 8 month ago, can HPPD getting worse after so many months? At the beginning i just problems with my vision. And my Halos etc are terrible at night, in the day i can't see them that much.
  5. Cheers guys. Found you because someone on Reddit mentioned HPPD. I'm 21 year old German guy and this year is my badest in my entire life. I am sorry for misspelling etc, often i just used english to rage in Online Games lol. I want to create this topic, because maybe there are people that have the same issues, because nobody knows tf i have. To begin, this year i started smoking very much weed, like everyday and gaming, no issues first. Then i tried 1time magic mushrooms from Alpha. It was i think what is called a bad trip, but the painful part is my eyes dried out and
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