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HOROWITZ, 1969 -- Flashbacks: Recurrent Intrusive Images After the Use of LSD

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File Name: HOROWITZ, 1969 -- Flashbacks: Recurrent Intrusive Images After the Use of LSD

File Submitter: David S. Kozin

File Submitted: 19 Feb 2012

File Category: Publications

Horowitz, M. J. (1969). Flashbacks: Recurrent intrusive images after the use of LSD. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 126(4), 565-569.

This article is one of the earliest accounts of cases of what we now commonly refer to as HPPD. Despite arguments that HPPD was invented recently here is validation of case reports presented in the most prestigious journal of psychiatry.

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This article's descriptions should be very familiar. Pay special attention to a few items we know to be true that are reported here in 1969 and still not recognized in the disorder.

This article firmly demonstrates a disorder that has unique symptoms that despite the years the sufferers descriptions remain the same. It suggests a stable and valid diagnostic entity, which has clear symptomology and clinical aspects that hold true even when against conventional wisdom.

I hope you appreciate this article, and can see how long we have known about this disorder and how long it is still taking to get a correct diagnostic entity in the DSM. Many researchers are dumbfounded when I present them this article and compare it to the posts from this message board.

I'd like to hear any comments or things that stand out?

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im not the smartest or best person to explain things but the release theory that they had in 1969 seems sort of spot on with our theory now right? i have to read it a few more times but a lot of the article is dumbfoundedly similar to what goes on but i didnt see anything mentioned on people experiencing the visuals on a consistent, persisting basis. i think that is why the diagnosis in the DSM entity is still wrong, people still ahve a hard time believing it is not just random flashback episodes.

but in 69 there were people effected by the drugs a couple weeks later so that i guess could have been a heads up...

side note- your tweets are always appreciated

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