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Uridine (NucleomaxX)

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I just came across uridine in my research about a half hour ago. I need to read more, but there are studies which suggest it can help modulate dopamine release, which may be helpful for our condition. You can get it from a couple of supplements, but I don't know if these would be strong enough to have any serious effect. NucleomaxX has recently been developed, and appears to provide a far greater source of uridine. Any thoughts would be welcome - I may be way off the mark.

Disorders due to an altered balance of dopamine release by the cerebral dopaminergic system, such as schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease, can be treated by administration of uridine which is a specific agent for the protection of the cholecystokinin level in the brain tissue.


Uridine is a therapy for hereditary orotic aciduria and is being investigated in other disorders caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, including toxicities resulting from treatment with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors in HIV. Historically, the use of uridine as a therapeutic agent has been limited by poor bioavailability. A food supplement containing nucleosides, NucleomaxX®, has been reported to raise plasma uridine to supraphysiologic levels.


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Actually, I don't know if NucleomaxX is being produced any more. I have not been able to find any sites where it is in stock and being sold. Nucleomaxx.com doesn't appear to be functional, either. Nucleomaxx was being marketed for HIV.

I'm guessing the first study I linked to used your standard uridine, which can be obtained from a number of source online. That study is over 20 years old - you would think that if it had any real benefits for PD they would have come to fruition by now. I know there is probably not a lot of profit for the phama's when it comes to uridine, but still...

However, someone mentioned in the above thread which I linked to that a company has recently applied for a patent for a delivery method of uridine for PD.

And here is a more recent study based upon the rat model of PD: http://wurtmanlab.mi...ic/pdf/1034.pdf

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Most of these supplements are a complete waste of money for something like HPPD. In my early days of HPPD I was perhaps naive and somewhat desperate to believe they could help.


I eventually tried uridine and it provided no positive benefits. I think the logic in trying it was misguided.


It also coincided with tinnitus for myself, and whilst I think it was unlikely to be the cause, I remember others also having reported tinnitus upon uridine supplementation.

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