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HPPD Before Drug Use


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Hello everyone!

I have had the symptoms of HPPD all my life. Namely from the side bar: Visual Snow, Palinopsia, the increased BFEP thing, floaters (that counts?), ghosting, starbursts, weird geometric stuff, swirling storms of color. In fact, I only took LSD once, and that was just to see if it was the same effect I already had. It was....just a lot more intense. 

The visual symptoms are so clear and defined that they get in the way of seeing what's actually there. Since this has been going on my whole life, I've never known anything else and it doesn't particularly _bother_ me. Simple coping mechanisms/adaptations developed and I can see through the deluge of nonexistent crap. It's easy to accept something even as intense as these symptoms as a child. The eye doctors would tell my parents I was simply sensationalizing entopic phenomena, so I was forced to accept their mundanity.

Since trying _actual_ psychedelics a while back, the symptoms have been unchanged. Though I must say, I have an appreciation for them that I never had before. They're actually quite beautiful, if incredibly annoying. 

I know what I'm describing isn't really a disorder since it doesn't cause great discomfort. But I've never met another person who experienced these in the absence of drugs (prior drug use or not). In any case, it's nice to meet you all. :)

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