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Can anyone recommend a UK doctor?

Ghormeh Sabzi

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As it happens, I'm a student at KCL and emailed him yesterday. However, I do not suffer from DP/DR - my problems are mainly visual.

How long did it take you to get referred once requested?

I am also investigating other possibilities. I have emailed some professionals here in the UK, and a couple have got back to me saying they are aware of this condition or at least the symptoms of it (visual snow, etc).

Of course, I can find out much of the info with regards to medications etc myself, I just need someone to prescribe them for me. Perhaps a psychiatrist is required for this?

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the referral took about 6 months

I would be interested to know which professionals have responded to you?

In my experience most psychiatrists just wanted to put me on anti-psychotics - no no no

Med I am really interested in trying is Sinemet although my doc has warned me about the potential long term side effects specifically tremors

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Dr Dominic Ffytche runs a visual perception disorder clinic at King's and advised me that I could get referred by my GP, but that funding is given on a case-by-case basis.

Dr Gordon Plant has told me that he is aware of this condition and would be happy to advise me either privately (£350 for the first consultation, £175 thereafter), or through the NHS (if my GP writes to him).

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KCL = King's College London

Gordon Plant is at UCL = Univerisity College London

So yeah, both in London

If you have the standard visual problems (snow, starbursts, etc), it may be worth seeing if you can get a referral. Worry about geting there if you are successful.

I don't know if the Visual Perception Clinic can provide treatment, and so Gordon Plant is probably the way to go if you want to be prescribed things. I don't know how much he knows about HPPD, but I told him all of the symptoms and that I thought I had HPPD, and he said he was aware of it. He's a neuro-ophthalmologist.

Neither of these are for non-visual problems (DP/DR etc). If you want treatment for that you should ask to be referred to the Dr. Sierra that Danny refers to.

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My local doctor didnt have a clue, i had to explain to her what she should do, told her the drugs she should offer me ( i didnt want them just now though ) shes refered me to a drug addiction specialist who " might be able to help " i feel so hopeless. plus i live in the north of scotland, londons hardly a 5 minute walk

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