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Completely New Take On Message Board - Test Site

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Essentially, the community does:

1: Introduce Themselves.
2: Comment and Share an Experience Relevant to an introduction.
3: Person asks questions (often repetitious, so it would be nice if suggested answers would be automatically included
4: People discuss mechanisms, medication and other topics that could be better and self organizing.
5: The board has lost 75% of activity in 2 years. 

My thought: 
1) Have a verified user control that can't be spoofed for users that are verified.
2) Allow for creation of Questions like Quora, Topics Discussions, or Posting (like Facebook)
3) Users can be anonymous for some things.
4) Sign up with e-mail/etc or use social media login's like Twitter, etc if you choose. 

This is a free version of Tribe, and much of the extra features are not provided, but it seems like posts here just get lost into limbo, so why not have it make some sense and things that are hot topics stay that way, and things that are not go away, but can be searched. Also, 






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By making it dumbed down to a AA Meeting for acid casualty's?


DUDE, it def wasnt me.. ive barley even been sane the last 5-10years and just now waking to my old self lol..

you neutered something i use to stand for , cause of 75% decrease ? maybe cause this board is just Do i have HPPD? over and fucking over with none of the neutral methlabs that let shit begot shit. MY KINDA CRAZY?? got you HPPD promoted and awareness out there...

DK, If you wanted more members ... how bout fucking takin out the captha shit and crazy fucking verification and account creation hassle i even tok to make this acc.. god damn You got me to promote the popularity of people even coming to this site at launch with the , we will let shit goto a diff forum atleast... now you went what?retarded?

remind me of a counselor DK , you were all very ambitious.https://www.davidkozin.com/          

shows you spent alot of time and prolly money still wasted away on that flash site you coulda put into this...sell out mf

. wonder what fucked you up , peace and positivity , my last post on these forums for fucking good so no worries :)

Delete Me

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    What you're proposing looks very similar to https://www.reddit.com/r/HPPD/ which i imagine is one of the big causes of the decline in activity on this site. The simple true is that Reddit and Facebook have all but replaced forums like this and for good reason. However, that doesn't mean this site is a lost cause. There is a wealth of data, tips, positive stores, and other advice that can be organized and presented in a more useful way. Instead of competing with Reddit and Facebook, make this site into a hub of fact based information on HPPD. Organize all the success stores and positive coping treatments into sections that are easy to read. Have a FAQ about HPPD that addresses the fears we see posted time and time again. Harvest the data from this site into useful and easy to read statistic and info-graphs. Work with the Reddit and Facebook communities and become a resource to them. Have a way for people to easily donate money or time into research. Volunteers could pour through the old forum posts to tag and organize the data. Get some developers to create tools so that people can easily simulate their visual problems and compare them to others. Parter with the Visual Snow initiative as a lot of our symptoms overlap with that condition. This website should become the authority on HPPD, not just another reddit clone. 

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