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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Does anyone think this may help our condition at all? It has been used by victims of stoke and traumatic brain injury patients by helping them to repair and regenerate blood vessels in the injured parts of the brain. It has also been reported to help with migraines and epilepsy, amongst other things.

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Just tried this a few days ago. It was only one brief session, about 30 mins in a chamber. While it took a while for the ears to adjust, the only effects was calm and relaxing. Didn't notice any visual changes connected with it. Of course, the 'Xanax' effect (calm and relaxing) is a plus for most anyone

Usually you should have 1 hour a day for a couple of weeks. So, obviously, it is too soon to know. But since I have diagnoses brain injury, it should be a good thing to do. However, $18,000 for a small chamber is money I don't have. Perhaps if I can find enough demos, I'll benefit :P

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I tried this the other day too - my experience was the same as yours. However, as you say, you need longer than one session to notice anything. I think there are some trials taking place for TBI and PTSD which are over the course of a couple of months (http://nbirrfund.org/portal/default.aspx)

This would be quite cheap for me as there is a local MS charity that has a small chamber (where I tried it), but I don't think they have the capabilities to provide me with it every day, probably only 3 days a week. Irrespective, when I have the time, I will give it a go.

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Sounds great really. It is harmless and there seems to be lots of positive reports with neurological stuff. Don't know why it would be much better than an oxygen concentrator, but of course, pressure does alter blood chemistry, not just oxygen level. The units I saw were only about 4 psi (11 feet).

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