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I need some help


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Hi Thomz, I wish I could give you a great answer, but I can try and be reassuring and if you can tell more than it could help, but ultimately it will be you and a doctor that makes that decision. 


1) Yes, the symptoms of HPPD may not appear until later in life, but typically it is much sooner than later. Also, research and personal experiences are pretty clear that alcohol is not a common if almost never a drug that starts HPPD after hallucinogen use. 


2) Visual Disorders that share very similar symptoms, but the individuals have never taken a hallucinogen inside Visual Snow (this name is misleading, as the symptoms can include much more than the static snow symptom). Other disorders are best rule out by a Neurologist, but just to be complete with my answer I will mention Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. 


3) Most people with HPPD will not question whether they have it or not after they have read the list of symptoms. It is such a shocking experience to hear someone talking about having their walls moving in the side of their vision but they never go anywhere or one day have perfect vision and the next day and beyond have blurred vision. 


I hope that helps 



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