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Getting TV network interviews about hppd


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I dont know if there are any doctors, or researchers on this site, but if there are, have you guys ever thought of trying to contact television networks such as , nbc, cbs, fox, abc or even nat geo "drugs inc", the science channel, discovery "weed wars, maybe", to try and get hppd out there, or even DP so maybe one day it can be a common word. Even people who arent doctors could help too..

So far I have never seen a television show that has ever mentioned HPPD. If somehow we could get exposure to the general public about this, this could possibly throw us out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of research per year to perhaps millions, while letting people be aware of this rare disorder!

Im sick of people not understanding what im talking about, or even thinking im making this up. We know what its like to have hppd, we need to take this out of the underground and bring this disorder to the mainstream

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Well it's nice to see some people working to medically understand hppd more, and so then bring more awareness to it. I honestly don't think the general public would have much sympathy though considering they're illegal substances. Although I don't think I really deserve as severe as hppd as I've had for what I took, I don't feel as much sympathy for myself anymore either. It's a good lesson to never take any drug lightly again.... So then hopefully in the long run it will have benefited me as far as a lesson...

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