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New Symptoms

John Smith

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Hey guys, hope yall are well...

Stupid old me went on a 3 day bender again (dont actually remember day 2, pieced it together today by re-examining my texts and bank statements, which makes me feel horrible) on lotsa beer, morphine pills, xany, klon and weed (one night, first toke in over 6 months.)

It sucks man, i told myself, ill take a xany and enjoy it and be responsible, next thing i know it's 3 days later and im out the 300 dollars i got for christmas and my parents find out im on drugs (again,) feels so shitty, finally came back to school after a semester of online classes, and this is what happens.

All my old symptoms got a little worse as is usual, got some CEVs which i hadnt in a while, also the weird not quite there but there faces when im tryin to pass out which were gone.

Anyway, for the last few days, ive been feeling hungover, like im nauseous, for no reason, my world just generally feels kinda queasy, it's goin away though, and also I just noticed it yesterday but it's definitely troubling, the rear right part of my head seems to be numb. Like when your leg falls asleep and you touch it and you can barely feel it? Anyone else get this? I cant stop touching my head hahaha, but it's also goin down. It's just hella weird. Whats back there anyway?

Opiates dont agree with HPPD man, shit drains your dopamine, and booze needs no mention, lemme know if you guys can relate to these symptoms.

Oh, on a separate note, donated blood today, felt a little headache, maybe a SLIGHT reduction in visual symptoms but i did feel foggier, and then i decided to go to the gym today (dumbass) and half way through my exercises I sat down to do one and i just felt a DROP in blood pressure and light headed and like I was gonna faint, and I stumbled to the drinking fountain and I closed my eyes and the static was BAD, but not really patterned, but it went away, it didn't make me anxious, i kinda rationalize things well now, which is good.

Had to go out and sit for a while before i felt ready to walk home.


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A gut feeling tells me that your new symptoms will probably blow over soon. I actually smoked pot today for the first time in 2 months. Just one hit but it got be pretty baked due to low tolerance and later ended up going into a panic attack so i woke my friend up at 2 am so that he could sell me his last klonopin pill so i'd calm down and not get dp'd. feel TONS better now.

So yeah, this was just a definite reminder that i dont need to be smoking pot ever. Tho ill still probably get some klonopins for future panic attack prentative uses, and of course, a bit of recreational use...

I've heard mixed reviews about opiates. Some people say it doesnt make a difference. One time i popped an morphine and next day i started to feel a little dp'd but im not sure if it was that or the hangover. Kinda tempting to fuck around with pills but i probably shouldnt.

I've gotten the numbess thing too. The worst was right after an mdma night and like i couldnt feel the top of my head. i kept touching it and new i was making contact but it was a cold kind of numb. weird lol.

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WOW. I can't actually believe that i remembered my log in details first go! Not been here since the old site was down in 08/09. Good to see yous all again!

Anyway i decided to just have a quick scan over the forum and started reading your post Boogres. Back in 2008 when i first got HPPD i've noticed ( like Lucid said) many symptoms that come and go. However i've never actually seen anyone mention the sickly/nauseous symptom. I suffer this from time to time. I had to reply when you mentioned it. It feels like there's a sickly fog that comes over you making you feel fatigued/nauseousness that you can't shake off.

However when i started my new job that kept me active on my feet all day i noticed it went away completely. When i lost my job (seasonal work only) it came back to me when i was sitting around the house with nothing to do.

Also can relate to the fuzzy feeling in the side of head i've also had it now and then but it always goes away. Seems to get worse the more you sit and think about it i noticed to.

About half a year ago i also went on a massive bender (first one in a while) and for quite some time after would get low blood pressure feeling every time i stood up for about a week. I can't explain it but i think its not much to worry about as mine went back to normal. The only thing about the head feeling and light headedness is if they get worse then you should maybe consult the doctor.

Hope that helps! i can relate to most of your symptoms there. Just give it time and don't got on a massive bender again ;) you just have to take it easy. I hope everything is ok with the parents.

All the best.

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