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Medicating comorbid HPPD and ADHD


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Hi everyone,

So i’ve had HPPD since 2012, with very little change in my symptoms during that time.

More recently though, my doctor suggested that I be tested for ADHD. An appointment with a psychiatrist who specialised in ADHD confirmed it. 

The psychiatrist i’m working with has been very open to input about medications. He’s suggesting Strattera (Atomoxetine) as a first line intervention for me but i’ve not been able to find anything in the peer review about Strattera’s effect on HPPD. User reports vary widely, so i’m Inclined to just give it a go and see if it makes any difference for me.

If you have peer reviewed information about this, please send it my way. I can access just about any paper through my university library for free so if you can give me a title, I can find it.

The only medication I found that has been tested on both ADHD and HPPD is Chlonidine. However, to my knowledge, this will not have a positive impact on my attentional symptoms, which is where I really need to see an impact.

So my questions as follows are

1. Is there any research on what effect Strattera  (Atomoxtetine) has on HPPD? Is it a positive or negative effect?

2. Are there any medications other than Chlonidine that have been tested on both ADHD and HPPD?

3. What ADHD medications are most likely to exacerbate symptoms (I.e, visual snow, altered colour perceptions)?

Thanks for taking the time everyone!

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