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Keppra is a life saver


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To all people who have tried Keppra for a little while and had some negative effects: please try to stick with it! For the first two weeks I was extremely irritable, sleepy during the day and awake during the night. I was actually even a little bit aggressive, which is so out of character for me. The next month with Keppra the initial side effects seemed to go away, but my HPPD persisted. After being on Keppra for 2 1/2 months my HPPD is almost unnoticeable. I still have visual snow, but it’s just not as bothersome as it used to be. I think the worst side effects that I used to have with HPPD were my DP/DR. For the first month of my HPPD, I could barely communicate with others. After awhile, the DP/DR subsided but I still felt like I was in a dreamlike state at times. Occasionally people looked like cartoons and when I was in huge crowds of people I would completely lose myself within it. I’m so happy to say that with Keppra I no longer have this feeling anymore. Yes, visual snow persists. Yes, when I move my phone around at night there are tracers. But it’s really not bothersome to me anymore. I’m currently in college as a Creative Technologies major and am hoping I can use some of these visual experiences to my advantage instead of feeling like I have a disability. To everyone who is still suffering please please please stay positive. There are so many options to make everything better. I’ve also delved into TM (transcendental meditation) which gives me some relief from general anxiety. I hope this post helps and if anyone ever needs to talk feel free to message me! 

- M

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I'm also on Keppra and it has helped me a lot with DR/DP. Can you please share what your daily dosage is? Mine is 500mg in the morning and 250 in the evening. I would like to try to go up if it may reduce my symptoms even more but I'm careful with the side effects etc.

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