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My introduction and need some advice


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I’m 18 yrs old uni student with diagnosed HPPD, I got HPPD at May 2018 after my first and only dose of 80ug LSD(I know, it’s low dose). I smoked cannabis 24hrs after LSD trip ended, which wiped clean most of my memory for several hours, during which I felt like I’m dying, luckily, I was OK. The next day, I start to notice my visual getting wired, that’s when I realized I got HPPD. I wait 6 months before deciding to go to see psychiatrist.

As of right now, I’m on 2mg of Aripiprazole (Abilify), and second day experimenting with clonazepam .25, .5, .75 mg (which worked wonders) for the next week.

I will also be posting in “Medications & Other Treatments” about some medication I’d love to try, I will really appreciate if you can reply and share your opinion and story, Thanks :)

Here :


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