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  1. I've been taking 30mg Vyvanse for a little while, so far so good. I personally find it didn't affect my HPPD much, if at all.
  2. @whyohwhy I've been on lamotrigine for 4 month, and its effect on my visual snow can be seen from the very start (25mg)
  3. I'm currently on 125mg lamotrigine, and it has reduced my visual snow that I hardly notice it outdoors in sunny days. I dont see any point in staying on lamotrigine if it not improve, but worsen your symptoms. You can certainly try other medication like keppra as I read it also helps
  4. It is thought that there are two types of HPPD, most people with HPPD has HPPD Type I aka "flashback" ,while small percentage of HPPD-er (most of people here) has HPPD Type II, which is more disturbing and have more of the negative symptoms. And yes, HPPD is accomplished by visual snow, but categorizing HPPD as a form of visual snow is problematic since scientists know nothing visual snow let alone HPPD, and there is no guarantee that they are have same underlying mechanism.
  5. You can try Ashwagandha or other "natural"/synthetic GABAergic substances for anxiety, but using them for long period of time might cause rebound anxiety once you stop
  6. Alcohol definitely worsen my visual (temporarily) both during and morning after, each "pulse" of my visual snow does not worsen but they flash much quicker. I wouldn't recommend anyone just acquired HPPD to drink, tho I do drink sometime.
  7. At least for me, .5-.75 mg of clonazepam work wonder, although I didn't opt to use to due to it being addictive, not to mention withdraw it can cause
  8. Hi, this is my story if you’d like to read. Right now I’m on two medication 1. 2mg of Aripiprazole, which helps me with dp/dr, visual snow peak, mood, after image, but it does worsen some symptoms. 2. .5 mg of clonazepam as of today, which amazingly, decrease a lot of symptoms, but I feel like it slows my thoughts down. And plan to try 1. Lamotrigine 2. L-DOPA I’m a university student, but I can’t concentrate, have no motivation, and always feels sleepy, which has seriously affected my grade. I will be talking to my psychiatrist about the possibility of
  9. Hi, I’m 18 yrs old uni student with diagnosed HPPD, I got HPPD at May 2018 after my first and only dose of 80ug LSD(I know, it’s low dose). I smoked cannabis 24hrs after LSD trip ended, which wiped clean most of my memory for several hours, during which I felt like I’m dying, luckily, I was OK. The next day, I start to notice my visual getting wired, that’s when I realized I got HPPD. I wait 6 months before deciding to go to see psychiatrist. As of right now, I’m on 2mg of Aripiprazole (Abilify), and second day experimenting with clonazepam .25, .5, .75 mg (which worked wonders) for
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