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So 2 years ago I started having bad hppd and bad panic attacks came with it from the derealization and my doctor put me on Clonazepam 1-1.5 mg a day, I've been taking it since and it's always helped but recently I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and I noticed they looked alot different. Previous ones were yellow/orange and these ones are white and you can it's a total different manufacturer making it. And I've been feeling more strange than usual , more dizzy and weak and just kinda malaise in general at times. Could this be because the pills are from a different manufacturer and they might use slightly different ingredients and it effects me differently? Any help appreciated thanks!

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Hey there, yeah there are definitely differences between manufacturers.

Next time you go to the pharmacy, specifically ask for either Roche or Rivotril brand clonazepam, as I've heard they are better brands, although likely more expensive. 

EDIT: Or just talk to your pharmacist at the pharmacy you normally refill at, and ask them who manufactured your prescription BEFORE your last refill, and then request that brand again for future refills.

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