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Feeling much better.


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Holy moly thats allot of ativan. Be careful, blacking out on benzos on those kind of dosages is common, and once you blackout, there's no telling what you will do. I wound up in jail one night because I took a xanax that had more than the advertised amount in it and assaulted someone. To this day I have absolutely no recollection of anything that happened that night.

Also I urge you to use caution taking benzos, I got hooked on xanax a number of months back, my supply ran out and I almost had several seizures, and proceeded to go into the worst withdrawal symptoms of my life which lasted for a few weeks.

It won't take long for you to become desensitized to benzodiazepines if you use them on a regular basis, and once that happens, its already too late - your hooked.


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Yeah I’ve been going through a hell of a hppd relapse. Don’t even know how my hppd got worse. It seemed just from anxiety everything got way worse. I’ve been fighting my way back. My dp/dr is just so hard to live with. I feel so wierd everyday and a lot of wierd sensations all day. I wish I could just cure the dp/dr. It’s the worst part for me. The only thing that helps is benzos. Which right now I’m only taking 2mg of Ativan usually. I want to get put back on kolonopin I’m hoping my doctor prescribes it to me at my next appointment. That’s what I was on before and I believe it helped me feel a lot better. I’m also taking 10mg lexapro and 200mg lamotrigine. Which I was wondering if the lexapro could make it worse? 

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I've found SSRI's have always made my visuals significantly worse, as well as potentiating the feeling of having HPPD in your body.

Just take it easy on the benzos, eventually the day will come that they stop working, or that you'll have to stop taking them which will trigger a relapse that's worse then when you first ever got HPPD.

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